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XRO Physician Named Co-director of The Laurel Amtower Cancer Institute and Neuro-Oncology Center

Zeroing in on Breast Cancer by Sunanda Pejavar, MD

Risk-adapted targeted intraoperative radiotherapy versus whole-breast radiotherapy for breast cancer: 5-year results

Use of and Mortality After Bilateral Mastectomy Compared With Other Surgical Treatments for Breast Cancer in California, 1998-2011

Survival Benefit of Breast Surgery for Low-Grade Ductal Carcinoma

Cross-Border Collaboration in Oncology: A Model for United States – Mexico Border Health

Radiation Therapy Infrastructure and Human Resources in Low and Middle-Income Countries

Bi-National Collaboration in Cancer Care

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Press Release:

Two-Way Cancer Communication Created with New Tumor Board

Neuro-Oncology Quarterly Report

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the radiation physics and therapy teams at Sharp Memorial / Amtower, cutting-edge and high-precision radiosurgery and radiation therapy technology is now fully commissioned and offered to neuro-oncology patients with complex malignancies of the brain and spinal column.

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