Billing and Insurance



Your referring physician will arrange for authorization for your initial consultation. We will check to make sure that this authorization is in place before your visit. The initial consult is a Specialist Office Visit.


The Physicians at XRO contract with multiple HMO and PPO insurance carriers. Each insurance carrier has their own arrangement for coverage of physician and outpatient hospital services.

While it is difficult to give information about your individual insurance coverage beforehand, most payment questions can be answered at, or shortly after, your initial consultation. Counselors are on hand to help guide you through this process.


If there is a co-pay for your radiation treatments, your physician will submit a form to your insurance carrier with an estimate of the proposed treatment plan. Once your carrier has given us the amount you will be responsible for paying, we will send you a letter to let you know what this amount is.

There are two different components of your bill; the amount billed by the hospital and the amount billed by the physician (X-Ray Medical Group Radiation Oncology). The hospital bill covers use of the radiation equipment and the physician bill covers professional services. Generally, the hospital asks for payment of their portion of the bill to begin at the beginning of treatment. The physician portion of the bill should be paid once all treatment is complete.

Billing Contact Number: (877) 237-8627